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have you ever..
-mistaken just the right touch's song 'psycho fan' for your theme song?
-pushed through a violent crowd after a show to snag a mangled setlist?
-framed a photo of some lead singer's shoes?
-thought the drummer was looking at you?
-drove more than 3 hours to see a band?
-given your best friend the silent treatment for saying that (enter band name here) sucks?
-listened to the same cd for four hours to 'get in the mood' for the show?

would you be willing..
-to get a mullet for concert tickets?
-to submit yourself to public humiliation to earn an autographed picture?
-to dedicate an entire website to a scarce local band where you're their only fan?
-switch schools so you can catch glimpses of a local musician between classes?

then quite possibly.. you should be attending weekly meetings with a psychiatrist.. or maybe just join..
Band Stalkers Anonymous

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